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We aim to share fun and useful information to help you manage your crazy day.

Email us and let us know how we're doing or suggest your own ideas.

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Help & Fun

Create your own flavours


Jelly Belly beans come in 50 intense flavors. While they’re fantastic eaten individually, creating unique combos is twice the fun. Try making a Pineapple Upside-Down Cake (2 Pineapple + 1 Very Cherry + 1 Coconut)

More recipes from Jelly Belly

10 Ways to Go Green at Work


Creating a greener workspace is much simpler and less expensive than you think. Many green ideas save your business money and you don”t have to compromise on quality.

Follow Great tips from the Sierra Club

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Make a Crystal Light Banana-Berry smoothie


Delicious and easy on their own, Crystal Light On-The-Go packets take on another layer of flavor when mixed into a smoothie. Checkout this great recipe.

crystal light recipes

get a deal on Crystal-Light On-the-Go packs from

Build a super-cool origami fortune teller


Why let your horoscope tell you what your future holds? Take fate into your own hands and blaze your own trail with this origami fortune teller. You’ll appreciate the clever versions for sale below.

folding instructions from

Be as organized and P-Touch obsessed as Martha

Office Supplies

We're all pretty envious of Martha's ability to stay organized. See all her suggestions for labeling and you'll become P-Touch obsessed too!

watch the video on

buy your own P-Touch from

How to remove ink from your clothes

Ink & Toner

Yikes! You're the lucky one who has to replace the ink and now it's on your clothes. Here's a quick way to deal with a messy situation.

instructions from

10 Household items that do double duty

Cleaning Supplies

Did you know that lotion can be used to shine your shoes? Woman's Day magazine has some great tips.

read the article at

Dropbox makes file sharing simple & easy


Have you ever wished you could have access to all your files no matter what computer you're on? You can with Dropbox. It works on a PC or Mac.

check it out at

Stretches for the office


Sitting all day can wreak havoc on your body and mood. Watch these easy stretches from Mayo Clinic. You can do them at your desk.

watch the video

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