The Office Depot Guide for Envelopes
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The Office Depot Guide to Envelopes

It's more than just an envelope!

It’s the packaging that holds and transports all your important documents. It lets your company brand peek through the window.

It’s come a long way since the time you had to “lick” each one securely shut. Yes, it’s definitely more than just an envelope, and who knew there were so many types, styles and purposes to choose from! It’s easier if you have a plan before you shop.

Here are some guidelines that will make your envelope shopping decision a quick and easy purchase.

  • What is the purpose of the mailing or presentation of the envelope?

    The envelope may be the first thing a client sees from you. An envelope can be that first impression so what type of image do you want to project? The envelope itself, and what you put on it, will determine the impression you make so don't hold back on buying the right envelope.

    We carry a wide variety of styles, sizes and papers to ensure that you always have the right envelope for whatever purpose you need.

  • Know the exact size of what will be going in the envelope

    Sometimes, your contents are too important to fold. The size of the contents should determine the size of the envelope, not the other way around.

    Envelopes come in many sizes. Fortunately, the industry has standardized sizes to make it easier for you to identify your needs and to compare different brands. Your envelope should be slightly larger than the final, folded size of the contents so that they are easy to slide in and out of the envelope without the edges getting creased.

  • Think about weight and color.

    As with paper, envelopes come in different weights and colors. In general, the higher the weight, the thicker and firmer the envelope will feel and the more upscale an impression it will make. Higher weight also gives some extra protection. Check for the weight in pounds when you order.

    Most business envelopes come in white and brown. Invitation and other special use envelopes can be found in other colors. Also, the type and weight of paper can affect the appearance of the envelope’s color. Today’s printer technology gives more flexibility and options for color printing than ever before. Keep in mind the overall appearance you want to achieve and the equipment you’re using when choosing your envelopes.

  • Are you looking for something special in an envelope?

    If you think about it, there’s more to an envelope than meets the eye. Consider the type of seal or closure you want (gummed, clasp, self-stick), whether you want to use recycled materials, if you need a window (often used for invoicing) and if you need a security tint to prevent see-through for mailing checks or other private material. Or maybe you're just looking for a strong durable envelope that will provide that extra protection needed to resist today’s shipping and mailing stresses.

    So the next time you're looking for the right envelope use these tips to develop a list of exactly what you need will make the job quick and efficient. You’ll know that you’re getting the right envelope for your business.

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